3 Case Studies from the State of Texas's New Cloud and AI CoE [TechTablesGov]

Krishna Edathil
Director of Enterprise Solution Services (Cloud/AI) State of Texas
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Part I of today's episode we cover:

  • We cover Krishna’s background at Accenture as an sr. tech executive for the Intelligent Software Engineering Services group.
  • Krishna worked on one project for five years. He walks us through what he learned coming from the private sector.
  • The State of Texas has many agencies - we learn how Krishna persuades technology leaders to get on board to adopt and embrace new technologies.
  • One of Krishna’s first priorities coming on board was to set up the Cloud-CoE (the Center of Excellence) aka. Cloud Tiger Team. He walks us through the goals of the Cloud Tiger Team.
  • After the success of the Cloud-CoE, Krishna was tasked with setting up the AI-CoE. The AI-CoE umbrella includes Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. We dive into each use case for Texas.

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