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Narrator (00:15):

You're listening to the TechTables podcast, a weeklyQ&A podcast dedicated to interviewing industry leaders from across the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, mixing it up each weekwith topics ranging from design and product innovation to IoT and industry 4.0.Let's do this.

Kelsey Kohrs (00:34):

Welcome to the introductory episode of TechTables, mixing the best in design and tech innovations. We're here today with Joe Toste, technology sales executive at Nagarro and host of this podcast. How's it going today, Joe?

Joe Toste (00:48):

Awesome. Just to another beautiful day in sunny SantaBarbara.

Kelsey Kohrs (00:52):

That is awesome. It's a little cloudy today here inAustin, Texas. To give everyone a bit more context. My name is Kelsey [Corres00:00:59]. I'm one of the producers of the show. And today, we'll be talkingabout what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jumpinto that, Joe, can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Joe Toste (01:10):

Yeah. I'd love to Kelsey. Again, my name is Joe and I workat Nagarro, a high-end global technology solutions company to some of theworld's leading organizations across industries from retail, manufacturing,automotive, airlines, insurance, banking, and high-tech and design in SiliconValley. Nagarro's actually headquartered in San Jose, but I live in SouthernCalifornia in Santa Barbara and work remotely, which I love.

Joe Toste (01:34):

And when I'm not kind of head down, interviewing industryleaders for the podcast, I coach high school basketball at the old high schoolI used to play at, DP, which is... I played maybe 16 years ago, so that'sreally fun just to go out and volunteer. Also volunteer with an organizationcalled Young Life. And then I take my two kids and beautiful wife to all thetheme parks in Southern California, Disneyland, Legoland, Universal Studios.Fun time. Kids are 10... One's 10; one's 19 months. So, definitely fun acrossthe age gap. And kind of a fun fact about myself. And I do mean love. I lovehigh-end coffee. So, you'll often find me in Santa Barbara at Handlebar Coffeeto start the day.

Kelsey Kohrs (02:12):

That is amazing. Two of those things that really stand outto me are working remotely, which I do as well. Love that. And I literally havea cup of coffee in my hand right now. So, I will find you at those coffee shopsif I'm ever out in Santa Barbara. So, tell me why you wanted to start thispodcast.

Joe Toste (02:30):

Yeah. That's a great question. I also have a cup of coffeein my hand from Handlebar right now. So, yeah. Why I wanted to start thepodcast. Really great question. Biggest reason for starting the podcast,especially in the Q&A format, how I kind of designed it for myself was tobe able to learn from industry leaders in different organizations andindustries around the globe. Nagarro's a pretty big high-end technologysolutions company. And for me, the ability to interview industry leaders atdifferent companies is such a tremendous way to learn, both for myself and theaudience too. And for those of you who don't know me, I'm pretty high-energyand love this medium, the podcast. So, I'm super stoked about this and thelineup of 25-plus guests in the future and the amount of expertise and valuethat they're going to bring to the show. That's going to be a ton of fun. So,I'm super excited about it.

Kelsey Kohrs (03:18):

That's awesome. And just working with you, I know thatyou're high-energy, and this podcast is going to add a lot of value to thelisteners. So, speaking of listeners, what can they expect from each episode?

Joe Toste (03:30):

Yeah. Really, really great. So, listeners can expectQ&A interviews from industry leaders, ranging across the world fromstartups to Fortune 500 behemoths. Mixing it up. See, how I pulled that off?TechTables. Mixing the best in design and tech. Mixing. Mixing the best indesign and tech innovation. So, each week with topics ranging from design, product innovation, engineering, mobile, product development, emerging technologies, which include mR, AR, VR, AI, IoT, cloud and industry 4.0, justto name a handful.

Kelsey Kohrs (04:01):

So, tell me a little bit more about Nagarro, the sponsorof this podcast.

Joe Toste (04:06):

Yeah. So, Techtables, mixing the best in design and tech innovations, is sponsored by my company, Nagarro, a high-end technologysolutions company with more than 7,000 employees across 22 offices globally. We work with some of the world's leading companies and organizations, includingairlines such as Lufthansa Group, public sector entities like New York City,technology companies like Twitter, retailers like Amway, and industry giantslike Siemens. We work with leading automotive companies, with banks, insurancecompanies, building automation companies, software product companies and eventhe world's leading management consulting firms.

Joe Toste (04:41):

At Nagarro, we understand every industry today isstruggling with digital transformation, even if the details are different ineach industry and vertical. And there are some strong common themes, such asIoT, big data, AI and a great user experience. And lastly, at Nagarro, webelieve that we bring a differentiated, invaluable capabilities to thesoftware, product, engineering and user experience market that is unparalleledacross the world.

Kelsey Kohrs (05:07):

Wow. It does sound like Nagarro really brings a lot of valuein a ton of different sectors. So, how can listeners connect with you in casethey have ideas for episode topics or guests or who you should feature on theshow?

Joe Toste (05:21):

Yes. I love it. Definitely connect with me on LinkedIn.That's where I hang out the most. And so, if you have episode topics or guestrecommendations, please find me on LinkedIn. Joe Toste. And, of course, you canfind me on Twitter at @Joetoste3. And you can email me atjoe@techtablespodcast.com for anything related to the podcast. And, of course,anything related to the Nagarro, you can email me, joe.toste@nagarro.com, ifyou're interested in learning more about Nagarro and our philosophy on#ThinkingBreakthroughs with high-end technology, design and software services.

Kelsey Kohrs (05:53):

Awesome. And all of Joe's information is going to be inour episode description, so you can find everything right there. And thatactually wraps it up for our introductory episode. Joe will be taking over thereins for episode one and beyond. Thank you, Joe. And I'm so excited to see theshow grow. I think it will add a lot of value for your listeners.

Joe Toste (06:12):

Awesome. Thanks, Kelsey. I'm super excited to kick off thepodcast and share with the world how TechTables is mixing up the best in designand in tech innovations.

Narrator (06:20):

If you're interested in seeing what Nagarro, a high-endtechnology solutions company to some of the world's leading organizations, cando for your business, you can email Joe at joe.toste@nagarro.com. J-O-E dotT-O-S-T-E @nagarro.com. Or message Joe on LinkedIn. For all information onNagarro, check out nagarro.com. That's N-A-G-A-R-R-O dot-com.

Narrator (06:45):

You've been listening to the TechTables podcast. To make sure you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcastplayer. If you have an iPhone, we'd love for you to open the Apple podcast app and leave a review. Thank you so much for listening. To catch more TechTablesepisodes, you can go to techtablespodcast.com. And to learn more about our sponsor, please visit nagarro.com. That's N-A-G-A-R-R-O dot-com. And, ofcourse, you can find Joe Toste, your podcast host, on LinkedIn, Twitter andInstagram. That's Joe Toste T-O-S-T-E. Thanks for listening.


Joe Toste
Joe Toste
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