Mission and Vision: How CIOs Can Lead Great Teams [TechTablesGov]

Mandy Crawford
CIO at the State of Texas
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Part I of today's episode we cover:

  • Pivoting from Attorney General to CIO is a huge jump. What prompted the big change, and what advice would you give to others who might face similar huge pivots in their career?
  • We talk about the gaps in leadership skills that were really shown at the start of the pandemic.
  • What gaps did Mandy notice?
  • What advice would Mandy give to those leaders?
  • How much of the leadership gaps would Mandy attribute to poor communication?
  • What actionable communication tips would Mandy give to leaders?
  • What strategies or thoughts does Mandy have in building a top notch state IT workforce?
  • Mandy said, "IT systems can be automated, but not the culture." Mandy talks about the importance of intentionality, especially in light of today's environment where many government workers are at home - or moving to a hybrid model of work.

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