Mobile Security in 2021: How ADT Helps Instacart and Lyft Reach New Horizons through Innovation and Agility

Leah Page
VP of Mobile Security & Strategic Projects at ADT
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In today’s episode we’ll cover:

  • Leah talks about the innovation and agility her team brings to the larger ADT brand under the umbrella of the emerging markets group - and what innovation and agility means to ADT too.
  • Innovation - and digital - in a Covid world
  • Surprises & pivots the team has had to make because of Covid
  • How Leah's team is reimaging mobile security
  • Insights into the Lyft and Instacart partnerships with ADT
  • Leah's experience with Nagarro and how partnerships with outside firms like ours help to assist with product strategy and innovation.
  • Leah's favorite parts of working with our team
  • If Leah had a magic wand what would you like to see from Nagarro in 2021?

2 Wrap ups:

  • What’s your number one leadership lesson the audience can takeaway?
  • What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you?

Joe Toste
Joe Toste
Host of TechTables Podcast

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