The Golden Age of Cloud: Application Dev Teams are the New ‘it” in IT

Rehan Rizvi
Chief Enterprise Applications Officer at NJ Transit
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In today’s episode we’ll cover:

1. Where NJ Transit is implementing digital strategies and processes to help its constituents.

2. What “digital journey” means to NJ Transit?

  • How far along is your team on the roadmap?
  • Where are the opportunities you're looking for in 2021?
  • Any digital pivots based on Covid?

3. Rehan’s experience on the innovation side specifically in the public sector transportation arena.

4. What a world-class digital transportation agency looks like in 2021

5. Cloud is a hot sector. Where NJ Transit center is on its cloud journey

  • Favorite cloud platforms?
  • Mix of on-prem and cloud?
  • Where NJ Transit is going next with the cloud

2 Wrap ups:

  • Rehan’s number one leadership lesson
  • What’s the nicest thing someone has done for him
Joe Toste
Joe Toste
Host of TechTables Podcast

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